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Surgical Butt Lift

Everyone desires a good body shape but age and other factors affect it. Have you ever heard about a butt lift? It works like a natural butt and provides you better results within a short time frame, not like exercises which show effect after a year or two. Butt lift is a well-known growing procedure in which fat is transferred in the backside to provide more fullness to a butt.

In this process the excess butt skin is removed and remaining skin is repositioned to provide a more toned look. It is a part of cosmetic surgery that improves the appearance of the buttocks. It is used to lift the lower body that contours the butts, groin and lower abdomen region. Sometimes butt lift alone doesn't work in adding volume to the butts so sometimes it is combined with butt augmentation which alters the shape and size with the help of fat grafts and implants to provide you with better shape.

How it is done?

For natural looking results this procedure involves following steps:

  • This procedure is performed under the effect of anaesthesia where a small volume of fat is transferred.
  • Surgeons use liposuction to eliminate fat from the areas of your body like belly, thighs and hips. Incisions are involved in this process.
  • That stored fat that is removed from the body parts is then purified and injected in the buttocks.
  • The surgeon creates more round butts by finishing the injections of fats in it for that they can make 3-5 incisions for lipid transfer.

Cost of Surgical Butt Lift

The cost of Surgical Butt Lift ranges from INR 1.2Lac - 2.5 Lac/-*

*: The cost of your surgery depends on what you need and expect.


Four very tiny scars, each measuring about half an inch long, will be left on your body: two in the Venus dimples on your lower back and two in the butt cheek wrinkles. Scars are barely noticeable and are readily concealed.

Walking and light activities can be resumed two to three weeks after the surgery. As long as you are responding well to surgery and healing well, Dr. [cosmetic surgery] will usually release you to full physical activity six to eight weeks after the procedure.

You will be instructed to utilise an inflatable pillow when sitting for at least eight weeks to alleviate discomfort and aid in your rehabilitation. Sitting directly on your buttocks too soon will interrupt the fat transfer process.

Although you may notice instant improvements, you will notice bigger results when the swelling and bruises reduce over the next few weeks. Over the next three months, the fat will continue to stabilise. The majority of patients should expect to see definitive outcomes in four to six months.


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