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Ayushman Day Care Centre For Cheek Enhancement

Ayushman Day Care Centre For Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Enhancement Treatment?

Cheek enhancement treatment is a cosmetic procedure that aims to add volume and definition to the cheeks, resulting in a more youthful and lifted appearance. Cheek enhancement treatment is typically performed on an outpatient basis, and most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. The results of cheek enhancement treatment can be immediate, and typically last for several months to a year or more, depending on the method used.


Reasons Of Cheek Enhancement Treatment?

Cheek enhancement treatments are typically sought out by individuals who want to improve the appearance of their cheeks. Some of the common reasons why people may consider cheek enhancement treatments include:

Volume Loss

As we age, we tend to lose volume in our cheeks, which can lead to a sunken or hollow appearance. Cheek enhancement treatments can help restore lost volume and create a more youthful appearance.


 Some people may desire more defined and prominent cheekbones, which can be achieved through cheek enhancement treatments.


 Uneven or asymmetrical cheeks can be corrected through cheek enhancement treatments, creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


 Some people may simply have naturally flat or undefined cheeks due to their genetics. Cheek enhancement treatments can help create a more desirable facial structure.


Benefits Of Cheek Enhancement Treatment

Cheek augmentation treatments can provide a number of benefits at the Skin and Cosmetic Centre including:

Restored Volume

 As we age, our cheeks lose volume, which can make us look older and tired. Cheek augmentation treatments can restore volume to the cheeks, giving a more youthful appearance.


 Cheek enhancement treatments can be used to contour the cheeks, creating a more defined and sculpted look.


If your cheekbones are naturally flat or uneven, cheek enhancement treatments can help balance your facial features, creating a more symmetrical and harmonious appearance.


Many cheek augmentation treatments, such as dermal , are non-invasive and require no downtime. You can usually return to your normal activities soon after treatment.


Cheek augmentation treatments can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Your provider can work with you to determine the best treatment approach to achieve your desired look.


What to do for Recovery After Treatment

The recovery process after cheek augmentation treatment will depend on the specific treatment you receive. Skin and Cosmetology Centre in Dwarka Sector 12 Here are some general tips that can help in recovery:

Avoid Touching the Treated Area

Try to avoid touching or rubbing the treated area for at least 24 hours after treatment. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria and ensure that the filling will set properly.

Apply Ice

 Applying ice to the treated area can reduce swelling and discomfort. Use a cold pack or ice wrapped in a towel and apply it to the treated area for 10-15 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity for at least 24 hours following treatment. This will help prevent excessive swelling or bruising.

stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can help promote healing and reduce swelling.

Follow Post-Treatment Instructions

 Your provider may give you specific post-treatment instructions to follow. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully to ensure the best results and avoid any complications.





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